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Welcome, State of California Employees

We are pleased to introduce you to Premier Access – your new option for Dental HMO benefits.

You now have another choice for dental benefits …

Premier Access may not be a name you’re familiar with right now – but we’ve been providing dental benefits since 1993 – and we’re located right here in California.

Living here in California gives us a true insight about what it means to live in this great state … and we also have an in-depth understanding of what the State of California employees are looking for when selecting a dental benefits company. In fact, your Premier Access Account Manager is married to a State employee – you couldn’t have a better person in your corner!

We hope that when it’s time for you to make your decision about which dental HMO plan you select, you’ll choose Premier Access. We believe you will be very pleased with the service and features we offer – as well as our excellent network of dentists.

Great Dentists All dentists in the Premier Access network have been thoroughly prescreened and we’ve visited each office to make sure they will meet your expectations.

Great Plan When you select Premier Access, you could find features that are missing from your current plan – for instance, you may be interested to know that coverage for implants is available through the Premier Access plan.

Great Service If you’re looking for superior service, you will find it at Premier Access. We are so committed to you, we’ve set up your own Customer Service toll-free telephone number. Call Customer Service from 8am through 5pm Monday through Friday with any question and a friendly, knowledgeable representative will assist you.

PREMIER ACCESS CUSTOMER SERVICE 1-888-534-DHMO (1-888-534-3466) or Email:

We’ve provided links to information and documents you will want to review before selecting a new dental benefits company. We hope you will find them helpful and if you have any questions at all, just call us at the number above … we’re here for you.

Click Here to find a Premier Access dentist in your area
Schedule of Benefits This is a copy of your Premier Access Dental Plan
Evidence of Coverage The document that contains the information on how to access care and the policies required by the State
Provider Nomination Is there a dentist you’d like to see in our network? Just complete this form and send it to us - we’ll contact the dentist for you.

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